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Delivery time

The delivery time is marked with a delivery status depending on the product. In the case of the delivery status of warehouse goods the dispatch of the goods is still possible on the order day, at the latest on the next working day. Provided that it is reasonable for the customer, we are also entitled to a partial delivery. If the delivery status is provided with a week or month, the customer will receive an order confirmation in which the calendar week or the exact month is communicated. Should delays occur, you will be informed immediately. In the case of delay which we are not responsible, such as import difficulties, operational and traffic disturbances, force majeure or delays of our suppliers, the delivery time is extended accordingly. If we are unable to do so even after an appropriate renewal, both the customer and us are entitled to withdraw from the contract. Claims for damages by the customer are excluded. If we are responsible for the delay, the customer may withdraw from the contract in accordance with the general terms and conditions.